Production Manager Sean Collinson is enjoying a double celebration.

Not only has he completed and passed The Manufacturing Institute’s Accelerated Route to Lean Manufacturing Programme, he has also been awarded a prestigious Lean Manufacturing Fellowship.

The extra accolade is for a project at his Rettenmaier UK Manufacturing Limited plant near Nottingham which demonstrates the application of lean principles leading to measurable improvement outcomes.

Said Sean: “I would recommend the ARTL programme to other manufacturers without question. I liked the venue, I liked the people and I liked the work. It was a very well structured course and ticked all the boxes for me to improve my role at Rettenmaier.

“My MD Jon Lewcock had done the Diploma in Lean Manufacturing with TMI and recommended the Accelerated Route to Lean Manufacturing course. He knows how good this is.

“At first I thought ‘Can I do this?’ It was a bit daunting. I was going in to a room with graduate types, whereas I learned everything on the job.

“On the first Tuesday it was just brilliant. It was a nice mix of people. 50% were graduates and 50% had learned on the job like me. Everything was good. I love learning and mixing with other people. I’ve made some good friends with people from all sorts of backgrounds and businesses from all over the country.

“The course was structured very well in to 10 different sections. So you’re not bombarded with information. It’s all digestible.

“The trainers were very, very good. They know how to deal with people on every level and they are very clever in how they deliver the material.

“As soon as I saw you could also do a Fellowship I thought that it was for me. I wanted to prove to my MD that I could do it and he could get his money’s worth out of me.

“I’m so glad I did. When I phoned my dad to tell him I was nearly in tears. He’s so proud of me.”

And for Sean, completing the ARTL programme is all part of the job that he loves.

He says: “Rettenmaier is a very varied company. Road construction is just a small part of what we do which is shredding and milling everything from trees to pharmaceuticals.

“Originally I worked in a loft insulation business owned by my dad and we were bought out by Rettenmaier in 2009. I came with the fixtures and fittings but since then I’ve blossomed and gone from strength to strength.

“I absolutely adore my job. I’ve enjoyed work since I was 16 and still do. It’s not a chore to me. My team are aged from 24 to 57 so it’s a nice cross section of personalities. I look after Production,Logistics, Quality Control, and Health and Safety.”

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