Shingo Enable at Newsprinters Knowsley

Our Shingo Cultural Enablers workshop at Newsprinters in Knowsley on 30th & 31st August 2017 is an essential follow-up to our world-class Shingo Discover workshops.

The two-day workshop on August 30th and 31st gives delegates a deeper understanding of how behaviours, systems and principles impact on results.

So what can delegates expect?

“This is for people who have already done our Shingo Discover workshop and are keen to explore further on the Shingo journey,” says Peter Sussex, a Principal Consultant at The Manufacturing Institute.

“We review the Shingo principles at the beginning of the two days and we then go on to look at the cultural enablers of the Shingo model – which are ‘Respect for Every Individual’ and ‘Lead with Humility.”

“We’ll take a much deeper dive in to why these are so important.”

Adds Peter, who has worked on projects for 7 Shingo award winning sites, including 3 at Shingo Prize level: “We are looking for a clear understanding of how to build ideal behaviours, and how to build systems and encourage follow up on these behaviours. We also look at examples of companies who excel in this.

“We then take these behaviour benchmarks for an extended Go, Look, See at the host site, Newsprinters in Knowsley.

“The way that the Knowsley site has fixed on a clear strategy of being the best, and by being the best, taking on work as other printers fail is inspiring.

“This has only been achieved through an inclusive approach to engaging all employees, and creating a strong team culture across all levels of the organisation.

“Delegates will be able to feed their observations, good and bad, back to senior managers at Newsprinters.”

The cost per delegate for the Enabler workshop is £1,150 with discounts available for multiple bookings.

To book or find out more please call 0161 875 2525 or click here to go to our website.

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