The Manufacturing Institute is celebrating record customer satisfaction scores across its education, training and consultancy programmes for the third consecutive year.

The average score for courses ranging from the MSc in Manufacturing Leadership to Shingo Discover workshops in the 2015-16 financial year is 92.3% – up from 89.8% the previous financial year.

Satisfaction scores have also improved for both Public and In-Company Education and Training courses which include the Team Leader Development Programme and the Accelerated Route to Lean Manufacturing Programme.

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MSc – Frequently Asked Questions

Q1-Which University accredits the MSc in Manufacturing Leadership?

The MSc in Manufacturing Leadership is accredited by Lancaster University Management School – ranked in the UK’s top ten and among the world’s top 100 business schools.

Q2-How long does it take to study for an MSc in Manufacturing Leadership?

It is taught part-time over two years, with a further eight months to complete a dissertation based research in to a real problem or issue faced by your own business. Our MSc is designed to let you learn and work at the same time.

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Nick Walker - Screentek

The family firm, which started out in business in 2002, has made some amazing improvements since they started out on their lean journey in 2013. Nick started out in the packing department at the ambitious Lancashire company when he was 18 after he realised a degree in computing wasn’t for him. He’s worked his way up from packing supervisor, to looking after sales, orders and purchasing, to operations supervisor and has now been operations manager for 18 months.

Says Nick: “I seem to have moved up every two years and have worked in most areas of the business.

“We were doing some work with the Growth Accelerator and they recommended The Manufacturing Institute’s Accelerated Route to Lean Manufacturing programme. I’ve never been on a course as good – and I’ve been on a lot.”

The 10 week course, and funding for new equipment, kick-started a series of impressive improvements that have resulted in:

  • Nearly 65% increase in productivity.
  • In December 2015 more net sales were generated than the previous December – but manufacturing hours went down by 1,344.
  • Stock levels reduced by almost 16% by working closely with suppliers and introducing a Kanban system.
  • Nick’s hard work on the ARTL programme, and the projects he has led at Screentek since have earned him the prestigious Lean Manufacturing Fellowship.

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Delegates booking on to our Shingo Discover Workshop at Abbott Vascular in November will find a strong commitment to CI, a robust Six Sigma programme, strong visual management and high levels of enterprise alignment.

The Shingo Prize winning site in in Clonmel, Tipperary, Ireland, has been on a lean journey since 2004 and their Quality Policy of “Built As if Intended For My Family” has acted as a guiding principle throughout that time.

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Both James Blackman and Paul Cresswell, who work at consumer chemical company James Briggs Ltd., believe The Manufacturing Institute’s Team Leader Course has boosted their careers.

They both started work as teenagers on the packing line at the Oldham based site which has the capacity to distribute up to 150 million aerosols and 30 million litres of high performance product, every year.

And they are now both Shift Managers managing teams of between 200 and 250 every day.

Said James, who started work at James Briggs when he had finished his A levels: “The Team Leader course helped me get the Shift Manager role 100 per cent. I was never organised. Never prepared. Always late. I’m better at all that now!

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