For the last 20 years’, Brian and Amy Smith have searched tirelessly for a replacement toy for their deaf blind daughter Debbie.

Debbie, 52, uses the plastic toy as a calming influence. The toy never leaves her side and if separated from it, Debbie will self-harm and become extremely distressed.

The toy was originally one of a set of four soft squeaky toys but after years of use it became brittle and broke when Debbie dropped it.

Luckily, the couple had one spare but realised they’d need a back-up. Brian phoned Shelco Toys in the US – who made the original – and they found them the final one in their archives.

This gave them a little breathing room but they still needed a back up.

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Bas Van Abel doesn’t want to change the world. Just a little bit of it.

The man behind the world’s first ethical phone, worked out a while ago that he couldn’t do it all.

“We decided to make a Fair Phone. Compared to world peace it is a small thing,  but we are doing a good thing.”

The Fairphone story is the stuff of entrepreneurial legend.

It all started when Bas was asked to help out with a charity campaign to highlight the issue of the millions of people killed in East Congo in conflicts related to the mining of the minerals  needed for mobile phones.

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