As part of our Future Leaders campaign, we’ve been seeking out the “superheroes” of our MSc in Manufacturing Leadership and Diploma in Manufacturing programmes.

Step forward Emma Jones, Production Section Head at Pharmaserve (North West) Ltd, and Chris Babbitt, Production Operations Manager at Chemtura. Both of our superheroes are current students on our Diploma and MSc programmes. Chris is currently writing up his dissertation and Emma is in her second year of the Diploma course.

We decided in order to showcase our students we would launch a Future Leaders campaign featuring capes, masks and a wind machine!

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Polystyrene and packaging manufacturers Linpac are enjoying increased productivity and reduced costs after working with The Manufacturing Institute on a comprehensive improvement programme.

Between 30 and 40 articulated lorries leave Linpac’s Featherstone site every day – around the clock – delivering rigid polystyrene trays to the meat packing industry, and some expanded polystyrene trays to the fast food industry.

Darren Viles - LinpacOverseeing it all is UK Logistics Manager Darren Viles who covers Linpac’s two sites at Featherstone near Pontefract and St Helens and has been with the company for 31 years.

When Darren was faced with a challenge to improve the productivity of his staff, and reorganise the shift patterns to align more with delivery schedules he called in The Manufacturing Institute to help out. Linpac have been associated to The Manufacturing Institute for a number of years, with education and training and, more recently, Shingo workshops.

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Many of the companies I have worked with who embrace the Shingo Model have built up years of experience of tools and systems as part of their lean implementations.

They come to the Shingo Model with familiarity of guiding principles behind the Continuous Improvement dimension, and are often able to describe to me what they understand by Focus on Process.

My experience at The Manufacturing Institute is that there is often a gap in the deeper understanding of focus on process, and this gap can lead to non-ideal behaviours at all levels of the business that make it difficult to truly focus on process.

The foundational belief we have defined for focus on process is ‘Great processes set people up to succeed.’

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The Shingo Prize is recognised as the Global Standard for Operational Excellence. The challenge is how to put the Shingo Model into practice and take the steps required to achieve and sustain Operational Excellence.

The Enterprise Excellence Framework

As a result of our work with hundreds of companies on their journey towards Operational Excellence, including Shingo recognised businesses, we have developed a systemic approach to implementing The Shingo Model.

We call it The Enterprise Excellence Framework.

The Enterprise Excellence Framework is transforming the way in which engines are manufactured so that we achieve our vision to become the new global benchmark for excellence.
Nigel Blenkinsop – Director, Powertrain Operations – Jaguar Land Rover

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Bas Van Abel doesn’t want to change the world. Just a little bit of it.

The man behind the world’s first ethical phone, worked out a while ago that he couldn’t do it all.

“We decided to make a Fair Phone. Compared to world peace it is a small thing,  but we are doing a good thing.”

The Fairphone story is the stuff of entrepreneurial legend.

It all started when Bas was asked to help out with a charity campaign to highlight the issue of the millions of people killed in East Congo in conflicts related to the mining of the minerals  needed for mobile phones.

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